Highly prized for their beauty, you can plant this impressive palm tree just about anywhere, and it’s sure to enhance the look of any landscape! Shipping to: Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, Texas California 15+ Years of Quality Date Palms & Trees. We cater to both residential and commercial customers, including local councils. Canary Island Date Palm / Pineapple Palm / Phoenix canariensis 2' Clear Trunk. There are many types of palms, but only those that are grown in a tree form are called a "palm tree." California Grown DATE PALMS For Sale: We sell CANARY Island Date Palms, MEDJOOL Date Palms, Zahidi and Deglet Noor Date Palms. If you want to make a dramatic statement use this huge imposing palm wherever there is space to accomodate it. Flame Thrower Palm. Australia’s leading supplier, exporter and transplanter of Canary Island Date Palms (Phoenix Canariensis) Maintenance service available. Large Palm Trees for sale; Canary Palm Trees for sale; Windmill Palm Trees for sale; Queen Palm Trees for sale : No matter if you are a landscape contractor or just an everyday homeowner, our aim is to please you with service that will keep you coming back for all your palm tree needs. DESCRIPTION Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm) Phoenix canariensis. It had a large, thick trunk that added an extra tropical ambiance to my xeriscape. They are a flowering plant in the monocot order of Arecales. All palms are portable in cubic meter drums or in bags on pallets, except 2 large palms in photos. Price £52.95. Nov 20, 2015 - Buy Big Date Palms FL, TX, CA, NV - RealPalmTrees presents photos of Large Date Palms in the Residential Landscape and in the Commercial Landscape - Big Date Palms from Real Palm Trees Medjool Date Palms Canary Island Date Palms Sylvester Date Palm. Flame Thrower Palm : Canary Island Date Palm : Foxtail Palm : Bismarck Palm : Kentia Palm : Lipstick Palm : Bottle Palm : Fiji Fan Palm : Christmas Palm : Windmill Palm : Sylvester Date Palm : European Fan Palm : Areca Palm : Queen Palm : Orange Crownshaft Palm : Mexican Fan Palm Here at The Landscape Center, we offer exceptional quality phoenix canariensis palm trees to properties residing in California and Nevada. Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) Massive and imposing, the Canary Island date palm is the center of attention wherever it is planted. ... with some shade at midday the Phoeninx Palm is best grown on the Patio in a large pot and brought under cover in the winter. A relative of the date palm, Phoenix canariensis is a large palm tree, with spreading deep green leaves arching elegantly from its attractive, stout trunk. See more ideas about canary island date palm, palm trees, date palm. Trimmed in this manner the tree will grow to heights of 100 feet. Family: Arecaceae Origin: Canary Islands Technically invasive but somehow is forgiven by many; the Canary Island Date Palm (a close relative of the true Date Palm) is widespread in most tropical and subtropical lands around the world. Palm Trees For Sale. Washington Robusta (Cotton Palm) and also many other varieties. Phoenix canariensis is a large solitary palm, with heights up to(33–66 ft) tall. It is the natural symbol of the Canary Islands. The Canary Island Palm Company has been supplying & installing quality established Canary Island Date Palms throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane since 2007. Advanced Canary Island Date Palms for commercial & residential applications. Chusan Palm. The thick trunk of a Canary Island Date Palm develops an attractive diamond cross-hatched pattern as the tree matures. • The resort of Sea Island, Georgia is loaded with large palm tree specimens of the Canary Island date palm, and none of these trees have ever been damaged from snow or cold since 1927. Canary Island Date Palms for sale (x16) Happy, healthy and ready to go bang! Price £94.95. Note One is a double.....Email, text or call 321 four eight two 6208 with questions or to ask for directions.Please leave message if I am unable to answer call and I will get back to you as soon as I canNote cash only, discounts for purchase of 3 or more.....thanks for looking In Stock Now Quick View. They can grow into a variety of forms. Frost hardy (can handle -6 degrees celcius) and tolerates poor soils. The Canary Island Date Palm is a stately palm tree that hails from a group of islands off the coast of Africa called the Canary Islands. The trunk of the Canary Island date palm is huge in diameter and the triangular cuts on the palm leaves are considered to be highly decorative. Prefers full sun and a free draining soil. Windmill Palm. It has a large, round crown of dark green leaves, deeply divided and up to 6 metres in length, have very sharp spines at their base. TRACHYCARPUS FORTUNEI. Chamaerops humilis (Mediterranean Fan Palm) Cupressus sempervirens (Italian cypress) Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm) Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm) Olea europaea (Olive Tree) Quercus spp. Your Basket Total: £0.00. Price … This large, stately palm often reaches a size too massive for most residential landscapes but, fortunately, it is very slow-growing and will take a considerable amount of time to reach its 50 to 60-foot-height. CHAMBEYRONIA MACROCARPA. Five 6yo palms in 500mm pots (palm 1.5m high) at $90 each Five 3yo palms in 250mm pots (palm 0.5m high) at $30 each Six 2yo palms all in the same 500mm pot at $90 per pot With deforestation increasing at a rapid pace as a hazard to environmental degradation, it has become paramount to preserve the environment from such threats. It is a relative of Phoenix dactylifera, the true date palm. Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Date Palm Native to the Canary Islands is this very hardy Palm. The Canary Island Palm or the Pineapple Palm is a medium growing palm that likes the sun. Call now for a free quote 0423347583. The Canary Island Date Palm tree is a suckering palm that is usually pruned to have only one trunk. Phoenix Canarienses: Pineapple Palm – Canary Island Date Palm Buy Canary Island Palm Trees for Added Decoration and Natural Ambience. The leaves are stiff and green. When you are ready to make a statement whether […] These date bearing palm trees have been adorning the most beautiful homes and businesses across the world with their majestic look. Large stocks of Canary Island Date Palms on hand. NEW IN STOCK Quick View. The Canary Island Date Palm is also known as the "Pineapple Palm" because of the unique pineapple shape it forms after it is trimmed. Holding a prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, the Canary Island date palm makes an excellent evergreen specimen plant for the patio or conservatory. Can reach 15m height - slow growing. Create your own tropical paradise! This palm’s display is impressive and is a great addition to any landscape. At full growth the leaves can be 18 feet long. Canary Island Date Palm for saleI have 3 canary Island date palms in 15 gal pots for sale at 50.00 each. A palm tree is part of the Arecaceae family of perennial plants. Read customer reviews. Mature Canary Island Date Palms are rarely found in nurseries. Very healthy palms that can be dug out and transported. Share: Large Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm 1.2m. Free UK Delivery! The Canary Island Date Palm is a large palm tree, reaching 60-70 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Mar 5, 2019 - Phoenix canariensis is a species of flowering plant, native to the Canary Islands. The palms range in size from 3 metres up to 10 metres and I am able to supply any of these sizes in large quantities to customers Australia wide.
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