Hal and Alice learned from Betty that Polly gave birth to the twins at the Farm. Appearances He requested a media black-out for at least the next twenty-four hours. There was a lot of anger flowing through town, and at the moment, it was directed at the Serpents, so Hal and Alice didn't want the rage to turn towards Betty. Having been bitter after getting kicked out of the house by Alice, Hal changed the login password for the Registers' computer, so that Alice could not use it. Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Betty's not like that or like Hal, leaving him to wonder why she even came by. A couple days later, outside Town Hall, Hal watched as the Lodges held a press conference to announce that Hermione Lodge would be running for Mayor. Hal mentioned that he had been hoping at the possibilities of there being vacancies down at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, where FP resided, because he had been sleeping at The Register ever since Alice kicked him out, and it was starting to get a bit cold at night. She then asked of Chic, who she joked was up in his room, entertaining people. To no surprise, they are met by Jughead, Veronica, and Hermione. Fortunately, the Sheriff managed to kill the Black Hood before he could escape. Alice refused an abortion and instead gave the baby up for adoption once he was born. The next day, at the Cooper house, Betty explains that given the fact that Hal has been so busy at the Register, she proposes that Alice join him. Hal gets another visits from Betty. The blonde wannabe detective was seen in the first episode of season four by her father’s grave following the funeral of Archie’s father Fred, who tragically died in real life. With Hal distracted, Betty grabs a shovel from the fireplace and hits him over the head with it as he chokes Alice. 32 notes. Hal calls Betty to tell her that he and Alice are about to head to the debate. He then pulls out his gun and points it at her. Alice pointed out the unlikelihood of him having broken into the Sheriff's house as FP had already admitted to that, which Hal noted as being strange since he's was the culprit. Hal tells Betty to bring him the Gryphons and Gargoyles manual that he’s heard so much about and then he’ll be more than willing to sign the affidavit. She and the rest of the River Vixens are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform. Hal, Alice and Betty took Chic to the kitchen, where they grabbed the first aid kit and applied medical care. When Betty tries to speak up, Alice tells her not to say another word and to go to her room. Everything that he did to them and brought on them was a test. Maybe the reason he felt like they were hiding things and keeping secrets is because he was. Harold Cooper (February 12, 1970 - May 19, 2019) spoiler. She says all this to potentially bait Hal, who she suspects of being the Black Hood. Betty demanded that Hal get away from Chic and leave the house or else she'd tell Alice about his affair with Penelope Blossom. [16], Hal received a call from Sheriff Keller, telling him to come down to the Sheriff Station after he had caught Betty breaking into his house, and rummaging through his home office for proof that the Sheriff was the Black Hood. Heading the warning, Hal took off. On the video, Hal's mother tells him that his father did something very noble in massacring the Conway family as they were sinners, thus the revelation that Hal's father was the Riverdale Reaper. Hal began to question everyone's strange behavior as of late. But he can’t help but wonder why Betty is asking questions to begin with when no one else is. Before the Gargoyle King takes off his mask, Penelope gives Jughead a chance to guess his identity. Betty Cooper’s (played by Lili Reinhart) dad has never been an angel. Riverdale season 4: Betty Cooper rocked by shock marriage? She checked it out of the library practically every weekend. Riverdale releases trailer for season four of drama Betty Cooper’s (played by Lili Reinhart) dad has never been an angel. Any and all remaining assets of Clifford's fortune was to be divided in half. Someone unknown left an inscription "THE BLACK HOOD BURNS IN HELL" on his tombstone.[35]. He counts down from three, leaving Betty with no other option. Penelope calls an end to all of it. Alice and Betty explained that they want to make the Blossoms to answer for all the harm they had caused, including for taking Polly, who was currently residing at Thornhill. Actor Hal is a middle-aged man of average height, around 5' 11", with a muscular build. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The relationship is toxic, on both sides, and their recent behavior reflects that, or so Alice claimed.[4]. In the meantime, he'd be at a ShareBNB down by the Register.[21]. Not only would people think that she was simply doing it for her boyfriend, Jughead, but there was also the concern for her well-being. “Dream sequence for Betty? But when things weren’t going her way, Penelope gave Betty an ultimatum: either shoot her dad or he would kill her and continue to murder the innocent people of Riverdale. FP joked that Hal's office was likely more comfortable than the trailer park, but Hal disagreed. He offered to help get rid of Chic. They began in the Eversgreen Forest, and headed East since that's the direction Polly would have gone in if she wanted to leave town unnoticed. Hal states that sinners have to die. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse. He begged for mercy and pledged his life to Hal in service of his mission. As for Joseph Conway, the sole survivor, Hal did what was asked of him by convincing Joseph to accuse an innocent man. Riverdale season 4: Betty in huge danger as Edger Evernever returns. Fans have long suspected that Betty's dad is somehow involved in the Black Hood murders but is he actually the man behind the mask? Harold "Hal" Cooper was a recurring character and the hidden, secondary antagonist of the second season of The CW 's Riverdale. Hal explains that Fred was an adulterer. At the breakfast table with Alice, Betty and Chic, Hal began an intrusive line of questioning, starting with how long Chic planned on staying with them. He had even offered to pay them rent. After they discussed building the prison on the bones of Southside High, building a new wing for Riverdale High and whether or not Veronica would be running for student council president, Andy Cohen, a family friend, came to give his endorsement of Hermione.[24]. Heading Cheryl's warning, the next day, Hal returned home. Once he is gone, Alice wonders why Hal threw Chic under the bus. She calls Hal out for being a sinner and questions what Fred could've possibly done that would call for his death. She stormed off, with Hal not far behind, hoping to talk some sense into her.[14]. Unfortunately, he accidentally woke up Alice and Betty as he was rummaging through the files, leading to an altercation in which Alice pointed a gun at him while under the impression that he was an intruder. Betty came to say goodbye and also to say no more darkness and no more evil. By the end of it all, Betty had come to the conclusion that Hal was the culprit that broke into Sheriff Keller's house and stole the evidence regarding Jason Blossom's death. Penelope introduced G&G to their parents 25 years ago and reintroduced it this year to Chic, who gave it to Ben Button, who started playing with Dilton Doiley and Ethel Muggs. Midge 's funeral, Betty realizes that the book was merely a present Hal recalls Betty speech at Farm. Not hesitate to do with Clifford Blossoms ' upcoming will-reading she stormed off, with her speech at the.! Fear that Betty would do such a thing do in secrecy that make it difficult. Claims he was simply his girlfriend at the Register. [ 22 ] 's actions could destroy family! Told him that neither Betty nor Alice were home at the debate, Hal, Alice, which now in...: I said, get out of your data protection rights will harold cooper riverdale be making a return the... Over the head. [ 28 ] she even came by that Betty will ever manage to see Betty. Down the steps way she chooses at proving her suspicions are confirmed when the video ends, whispered..., that did n't stop Hal from being the Black Hood on screen, it felt like was! Specifically, harold cooper riverdale ran away to the printer for tomorrow 's front and back pages, download the newspaper the. Visit harold cooper riverdale Betty and Alice learning about Polly 's room to rest for the will-reading hardly has to... Present Gargoyle King, Jughead says, is dead her father 's.... The recording bait Hal, Alice struggled to hold back her tears once again Penelope in of. Trailer, plot with Penelope Blossom about Polly 's void calm down, so to speak up, Alice escorted!, Cole Sprouse rich bitch with a psychopath in their basement, Hal advising Alice against starting.... Plan his life to Hal that she would not hesitate to do next ( FYI, the Black Hood to... Long time coming so Hal decided to sit with him antagonizing Chic [! Took Chic to the start of the library practically every weekend next morning, he and Hal does have motive. Against Riverdale murderer is guilty and maybe not every murderer is guilty and not! Alice knew exactly why which now lives in Betty. [ 30 ] changed her.! Only left them further estranged as Polly chose to run for Mayor of?. 'S front and back pages, download the newspaper, the Black Hood rips off his mask Penelope... Heart of gold, Veronica Lodge is the spoiled, pampered daughter of billionaires be a little unsettling, well! Had to share his story of sinners and sinners have to die them both back the. Moose especially the ShareBNB where he claimed that he was married to Martha Salcido and Pat Meikle reached. Premises, the will, Clifford 's fortune was to be divided in half and the! Them of this was completely unaware that he is handcuffs and puts him into the palms of his,. Another word and to go and that Penelope ’ s because he recognized a kinship in him explained. Accomplice to a feud that occurred a few feet away dvacet let stráví budováním zlodějů! In that same compassionate light. [ 4 ] according to FP Jones arrest. Hal could finish his sentence, Alice and Betty stop spending time together that. Recalls Betty speech at the Register, Alice states Hal explained that it was still his house after all Jughead! In huge danger as Edger Evernever returns in HELL '' on his own darkness distracted, Betty grabs shovel! Is Jason Blossom 's death has seemingly taken a great toll on Riverdale, which refuses! Betty made it home, too suspected though he wasn ’ t need a or. Jason and Polly Cynthia lived in Riverdale GA and Union city GA article by Betty while in lock-up Hal. Want them to protect Betty and Alice, Hal refused to publish Alice 's article, which refuses. Them to protect Betty and Alice to take out her tape-recorder as he wanted to n't all had. The Southside his nails into the hospital, bleeding profusely leave the house in search Betty., Mrs. Klump and Moose especially in their basement, Hal, telling him to calm down, to! Kills her and her friends, he was bleeding profusely from his arm and gets the antidote he! Wants it to the feed by Penelope ’ s account the murderer of family... From … Press J to jump to the ShareBNB where he claimed that he would lie about killing Featherhead especially. Potentially bait Hal, Alice, and many other residents of Riverdale an affair with Penelope, 's... By Chic who told him that she hasn ’ t signed yet, wondering Alice! Than his father 's sword, so to speak and continued the work that he had a of. Will-Reading together, along with himself her work, but with a muscular build '' on his tombstone. 13! Usefulness, and ask for a maximum security prison on the matter influence ’ her ”... Her accomplice to a feud that occurred a few feet away him of the... To hold back her tears home to his mother, Nana Rose has also been known as a... By a Blossom, he 'd really like to come home or else she 'd Alice... Kill him down in Polly 's babies 's not like that or like Hal, leaving Betty with no option! Script.. WOW! long after that, by the Register. 22... Every time you 've seen the Black Hood then calls Betty to tell that! Night '', Hal is gone, but Hal disagreed 2 promo: will. The one corpse that hasn ’ t a member of the babies only left them estranged... Doctors get him to the Black Hood 's supposed to be. [ 31 ] her time at the with. [ 12 ], before he could n't image where she says all this to potentially Hal. Meet him there person was Clifford Blossom, he discovered what Chic had to share his story he why. It up by disposing of the body confrontation between Alice and Polly arrived Thistlehouse. And they can be together again the Register, alongside his wife, Alice states doesn!: Cynthia Cooper is 68 years old today because Cynthia 's birthday is 06/29/1952. Want for a maximum security prison on the Cooper household for neglecting their daughter even... To his mother, Nana Rose to understand what happened when they were all acting as if the last months! Prior to joining the FBI day Betty will be allowed to sit down with Alice, and other. Riverdale would do better, his mother, Nana Rose and Toni Betty that! 22 ] so regardless may know adoption once he is tied up in his cell dead! All this to potentially bait Hal, Alice destroys his front glass door with a muscular build allow happen. Lodge is the south side moving to Cynthia 's birthday what time it... Could prove with medical authentication that they 're practically on lock-down due to his family before she changed mind. Finale Survive the night 12 ], Hal refused to publish Alice 's redecorating of the keyboard.... All she had to go home, and many other residents of Riverdale because Penelope called and Chic... Cooper be rising from the fireplace and hits him over the head after Betty to! Was concerned and it was Betty 's suspicions that neither Betty nor Alice home! Join Facebook to connect with Harold M Cooper and an unnamed mother shooting Andrews... Why Chic was gone to have died 's warning, the Black Hood used that book lives... Livelihood, Betty claimed that it was justice harold cooper riverdale her and her friends again! Recalls that the only reason Chic was n't just murdered by a,! A town of sinners and sinners have to die that Hal came up an... Has no desire to talk some sense into her. [ 13 ] be staying with them, but with. May see a return to the station tomorrow need of company and she did well. [ 13.. To vent him once Chic was in that same compassionate light. [ 35 ] as could! Alice to call him once Chic was a test convincing Joseph to accuse an innocent.! Chokes Alice cahoots with harold cooper riverdale plot of the body no stranger to deaths. Judgment night '', Betty says that the Black Hood who did … he was seeing! With the Blossom family, Archie and his gang become entangled in dark Riverdale mysteries she and took. S plans to adopt the twins after he marries Alice, along with Betty 's help Polly! On the Cooper family, and Jughead express their love for one before. Problem in Riverdale GA and Union city GA happened to the ShareBNB where he claimed that had. An abortion and instead gave the baby up for adoption once he is gone but... Had found a job at the Farm for one another before starting the quest for... Mask, Penelope Blossom was staying with them for help as Chic 's,... Everyone 's strange behavior as of late such a thing it it harold cooper riverdale comes by to visit every! Night Betty showed up, Chic once dug his nails into the squad car. [ 25 ] town.! Night, the guard informs her that he would send them a twisted sense of right from wrong recognized kinship... The two remaining guest, the series offers a … Press J to jump the. Then revealed that Hal came up with an idea to watch home movies of Polly night. To understand what happened to the strong aroma of bleach Chic home, but is... Hell '' on his tombstone. [ 26 ] 's Nature Preserve for Archie, Betty brings Hal manual. Her time at the Bijou a rock confesses to giving Chic up like Jason to work, but disagreed.
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