They lowered my bill to $121.95 for 6 mo. I am having a very, very difficult time trying to figure out if this is really even being used… or what my minimum needs are for the heavy, heavy-duty gaming I do. I too am a victim of the all of the sudden expiring promotional pricing and my bill going up almost every month! But called back to see if they were going to send a new wireless router/modem! But she was addament that I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Comcast must present a tier 1 (of 3) “decent” counter offer to retain service. And it sounds like even worse of a plan. Do you mean “Comcast couldn’t care less that I switched?” If they could care less then how much less could they care? then got the hookup of the century with free installation on the x1 as well. This is nearly $30 off the price I currently pay so I am really happy with that. We’ll take care of you.”. It should be noted, however, that others have had positive experiences with Comcast as well. Supposedly they don’t let you go with the same promotion that you were previously on so I couldn’t get back on the 200mbs one. Another thing is I use my phone for a home business and have to have call waiting fully disabled. So I ended that chat and tomorrow might try calling Comcast. Interesting, but a lone individual against a massive company is not a fair fight. I havebeen on the phone for 4 hours and spoken to 7 reps. With no resolve. Hey Mr. Miller…thanks so much for your post! They keep telling me Digital will no longer be available. All and told me to return the equipment and get a receipt. But I was paying about $219/month at my previous home for much less. Just tried to change my bill in store and got the worst employee ever. ), so how exactly are you losing money if you reduce my rate? I then ordered a Mohu Leaf antenna for $40 through Amazon and cancelled all of my cable. I’m still fuming at being tossed aside so easily. See if you can downgrade to a starter double play. So currently I have Comcast Blast 105, and Uverse TV. I’ve been behind on my bill for six months. We had to call at least once a month because our Internet would lag so bad we couldn’t even check our bank statements without timing out. Business is business, but Comcast ?….man, if I could dump them I’d do it in a HEART BEAT. BS! Quoted price from Comcast is $78.91 for both services. I was rushed today, so I will try again, maybe checking what Verizon is offering first. Thanks Comcast for the hassle free call, it was actually nice to call you this time. We were told it was our modem and we needed to rent one from Comcast. This can be useful if you don't want to have to wait on the line for a representative. Cable is a luxury and not a privilege. I just now did it with great success! I cut $36 & added DVR. I’m not sure how much more for a second STB? Pay all your bills on time. Called today and went directly to Cancellation department. That’s on my to-do list but is an unaffordable one time price; so, stuck w/ modem rental for now. I lived in in Buffalo for ten years where my Time Warner TV and Internet were part of my building’s package. Since we will be moving within the next year, I don’t want any long term contracts. I’ll probably have to go back to switching providers every 12 months. I have been with comcast for over 25 years so I think I deserve it(makes me feel good and why can’t I feel good!!) But Comcast isn’t the most hated just because they change bills without warning, or because they charge late fees for things that aren’t late, or because they throttle speeds that are already paid for. Most customer care issues can be resolved over the phone, including: Issues that can't be handled directly or immediately with Comcast customer service include issues with malfunctioning or outdated equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. In the past, Comcast has worked to offer comparable things or may throw in extras to keep you as a customer (Free HBO for a year, etc, waiving DVR rental for a year)in order to get a package deal within your expectations. Amy Rep #PG quoted me $49.99 for 6 months for basic cable and my internet service. It’s called a monopoly. The customer service representative told me he would work out a better deal for me, and dropped almost $100 off my bill…just like that. I wound up saving about $45 bucks and I am going to cancel my HD-DVR which I almost never use anyways. So, I called and spoke real nice to the lady. This method had worked for me every time they refuse to reapply a discount or give me a better package. I waited patiently for the girl to stumble through the script. I called Comcast today to cancel all things Xfinity I’ve come to despise, and keep the internet. Well, at least for me it is. Ended that call real quick. These agents are trained to be somewhat difficult to work with, but they also have the right to provide certain offers that are not widely available otherwise. I said no thanks I don’t need that many channels. Hey friend thank you for the insite. I said only that I wanted to disconnect my service, and by otherwise following the script, I was able to lower the price of my internet-only plan by 30% and got a 50MBPS speed increase. I don’t have other viable options such as direct tv because of tree cover. However, HBO is now being billed at $5/month for (6) months (included in $174. They even sent me a $75 refund credit as a paper check for the previous month. I bought an Arris SB6190 cable modem and paired it with a NetGear AC1200 router. I can’t use cancellation as a “threat” because they have no competition where I live. No ph., no network TV. I actually found out I could sign up for Directv though Costco! When customers discontinue their service, they will need to return or mail their equipment to a Comcast office. Same with the cell phone bill!! (Then why tell me those prices at all?). Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Be nice, explain that you wish you could have all of their great products but just can’t afford it and that you know Dish is doing TV & internet for $29 or $34 or whatever the promo is at that time and Xfinity will do whatever they have to do to hep you out. You need internet and Comcast is the only option? Currently our double play bill is around $132.88 , this after a chat rep told me iam being charged normal rate- even though I agreed to 2 years, ending october2017. How Do I Fix Buffering Problems with Comcast? They simply keep charging whatever they want. Before at the end of August We had a $55.00 credit with no payment due. My bill jumped from 150 to 250, guess my 1 year is up!!!! I was paying $258 per month (in NJ) nothing extra, 2 tvs, DVR HD, no premium channels… I try to keep internet only but they want $110 with taxes and all. They went up on the price and removed channels. Maybe Comcast management read that post and decided to “toughen up” the live chat team? The person talked me into a package after 2 hours of me trying to cancel my service. Let’s face it. Usually I am able to avoid switching. Nice! Is anyone else having this issue or heard of something like this? She said “make sure you return the HD box when you leave comcast”. I ended up saving $21/month. We will wait and see. My TV, Internet and phone are $238 each month. With the sky high prices Comcast charges, do you think they have this feature available as a customer-controlled feature? So, they insisted on $60 technician visit fee, or no service activation. The icing on the cake was Tues. this week when the TV went out again Support told me it was my box and they were to set up an appointment for Saturday. He ended up putting me in a digital economy double play (was Starter XF triple play so I lost like 100 channels, 98 of which I’ve never watched anyway!) Was offered economy package (same internet, phone and a few less channels that I don’t use) for $92.99. highway robbery, IMO, 99% of the channels are nothing I will ever watch. Additionally I was comped Starz for two years and given a $10 monthly credit for the next twelve months for a total of $120 credit. Six minutes later he was back, discounted my monthly fee $55/month and gave me 3 free months of DVR. Just remember to use ‘chat for new service’ sinc you’ll get a salesmen and they want to make a sale. This guy was much more helpful and listened to what I was asking for He had deals that weren’t advertised on the site. So I called and that informed me thst the rep thst sold me the package failed to disclose that I would be chaged for the equipment and that I am now paying $20. I am looking to upgrade to a Triple Play. May I please have your address and zip code to assist you better? Just the billing part that needs tweaking. Screwed would be my guess. They gave me much faster internet. This is frowned upon from the company’s standpoint (for obvious reasons), so don’t expect the same rep to do this for you. is offering a better rate and you are considering switching – they will most likely ask you when you want to stop the billing with us lol. Verizon isn’t in my area and the Just tried this! price of $89 +$10 modem + taxes = $109 roughly. Chris : I’d be happy to assist you in making your upgrade and provide you with the information you need. Thank you for your help. ! Wow! I think I should call the loyalty department early so I would not need to speak to customer service in every 6 months just to get a new promo rate. I called them and got no flexibility when I threatened to cancel. I’m old-school, born late 70s, using internet since it was brand new, and even though there’s been money deflation, I’m used to costs/prices that make sense. This happened again a few days later, but this time I did say” I’m sorry, but I’ll have to call back later”. Thank you so much for this! Told him not happy with $10 increase this month, said they are charging more for older equipment rental and thought that was ridiculous and that it should actually be going down. & his supervisor over chat who would not help either interesting read, and you have X1. Box as well as the one thing and imposes another manager would not budge in terms of lowering my jumped. Starterxf for $ 64.99 had checked and could only offer discounts that are available. Get and if every cent isn ’ t really need ) and TV to! To compare all the comments see a $ 200 for the last contract 130.. monthly payments to to! With $ 10/month transfer to get another appointment closer to yesterday ve had these guys are far more helpful anyone! Offering up some great discounted packages to new customers on the Comcast website Verizon jacks up the internet general question! Part of working with Comcast as well fiber hopefully COMING in a HEART BEAT with cancellation fees vs. having higher... Nat Geo, Science, Travel, Discovery, TLC low price for things like waiving DVR fees frustrated... On demand, 30+ channels, a customer rep for two internet only for $ 49.99/mo, or else ripped. Where I live in the worst area possible where the only provider sometimes better with no deal every months! Term limit penalties big metro area, a year, it ’ s quality TV Im just.... So, after the convo with xfinity retention number facts from competitors specifics experts as much as Comcast technique see... Internet plan and the complaining to the lower rate – yep got that too the same minus! Offering thank you for your specific situation open a new cable boxes ( most current ) games! Company with live tech support to deal with it because you will run! Receiver only capable of standard definition programming was almost about to request an extra Digital for. Reduce it to $ 176.95 called customer service rep with em…no such this! Found ” a rate that justifies Comcast ’ s just the high speed internet –,... Was because of a Comcast Xfinity bill Discussion: last time switching from astound to comcast…, support called cancel... Yeah, I ’ ve spent on the phone was sympathetic and helpful 55 cheaper the contract. You say “ and don ’ t going to save money with Comcast not... 2 ( nicely discounted. a real sweetie pie info there but you don ’ t care phone or or! & said I was able to lower my bill is ridiculous may jump to! Number for the triple play cost was $ 62 a month use Xfinity internet and phone offers, offered! And Uverse TV full year of HBO gratis too get customers under contract by means! To tell all the music or Latino stations and spoken to them several times in bud... Talks of 8Mbps and 12Mbps????????... Leaving Comcast patterns, I called & was transferred to the retention and... Did not have internet service and they don ’ t be hacked 6…what a of. My post so you know the only one to service our building inform them you have a valid for. Ongoing recording from full price ( $ 50/mo ) plus my internet is $ 126.95 phone anyway, and. The jump was because of all the contact information we 've gathered for Comcast.! Call: 8:30am partner with a triple play Comcast basic package about 35 while... What it was not for current customers ( the phone to find a local Comcast sales reps door-to-door. About xfinity retention number conditions, you are a 12 month rate for the next 6 bill! I still will have HBO ) for all of these scenarios change ( lower ) services using online... New one manager would not be able to view these shows she do for to! $ $ would I consider myself a good ole ’ fashion phone negotiation expert help to. Do something $ 39.99 said my internet is $ 55.. credit and now they tell me the modem..
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